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Welcome to KVRNetwork Hosting
Internet hosting that sets standards.

Energy Efficient & Redundancy

Our data centre runs over 70% from solar panels with battery backups running 24/7. We also have diesel backup generators meaning your website stays up seamlessly!

Speed Is Key

All our servers are loaded with the latest Intel Xeon processors and use 15K SAS drives with 6GBPS of transferee speed!


Enterprise grade PFSense firewalls keep your service away from dangers on the internet. 24/7 monitoring and DDoS protection keep your service up and running!


Sit back and relax while our engineers take care of power distribution, internet, server management, backups and more!

Cloud Technology

Your service can be accessed anywhere across the internet. Whether you’re a web developer on the go or have a project that needs to be accessed by multiple people at once. All our services let you access them whenever and where ever.


All purchases are ran through PayPal©. PayPal lets you choose what care you want to pay thought and has outstanding online reviews. All purchases are encrypted so that all your data is in safe hands with us.

Secure MariaDB & SQL Databases

We use PHP 7.1.11 and MariaDB 10.1.28 to maximize your data security. We also use PHPMyAdmin 4.7.4 to allow you to access your database securely!

Cross-Platform Compatibility

All our services can be accessed from any operating system, any web browser or web clients. Compatibility is one of main goals!

All Our Storage Is Ran In Fast RAIDS

All our servers run super-fast RAID1 and RAID5 storage technology. This means you have ultimate data redundancy along with super-fast speeds!

Made A Mistake? Not An Issue

We have daily backups running for all of our services. Your account comes with a dedicated storage repository, so you can access and restore any of your backups!

Over Half Of Our Services Run Using Linux

Linux is one of the fastest operating systems out there. With extreme security and super-fast processing, we aim to provide the fastest and safest service possible!

UK Data Centre

Our data centre is based in  Hampshire, United Kingdom. This means UK Internet Service Providers get the fastest connection to our data centre, making your service even faster!

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Here are the people powering KVRNetwork

Jack Calloway

Founder & CEO

Jack Calloway started toying with computers at the age of 12. After hosting his first website at 13 years old, he created KVRNetwork.

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We base and support alot of our services on software based from the open-source community. This means every service you purchase not only supports us but also them.