More is to be done!

More is to be done!

5th March 2018 News & Updates 0

Welcome to KVRNetwork Hosting! As of the 6th of March 2018, we will be undergoing upgrades in hardware, software, security and more! We will continue to supply services for our current customers however will take no more. Why? See below!

Here is some of what is taking place:

  • SSL Certificate Services; We will be using Lets Encrypt! and SSLforfree to supply free SSL certificates!
  • Internet Connection Upgrades; We will be using Fibre, 4GLTE and ADSL2+ connections to not only ensure super fast speeds but internet redundancy for all our services. That is not one, two but three different types of internet connections!
  • Hardware Security; High security PFSense and Cisco firewalls will be put in place to give our services the biggest punch of security, giving you peace at mind.
  • 24/7 On-site Protection; CCTV and Alarm Systems will be put in + 24/7 monitoring.
  • Hardware Upgrades; New servers supplied by Dell & HP with high performance Intel Xeon CPU’s to ensure maximum speed at minimum cost.
  • New Infrastructure Design; We will be redesigning how we install, manage and use our servers. This reduces down time and in case of hardware failure, can decrease our maintenance time down to just 30 minutes*!


However, please feel free to browse our site or contact us at! Happy Interneting!

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